The Central Research Laboratory has been established in October 1989 by order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on August 21, 1989 № 177.

The laboratory is a research unit of an innovative educational institution, where the educational processes are combined with innovative research work. The laboratory promotes the formation of scientific thinking and is an experimental platform for the training of highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff of the university - teachers, researchers and experimenters. The teaching staff is constantly learning new technologies and implementing them in their professional activities.

Scientific research, carried out in the laboratory, is necessarily designed, managed and controlled.

The planning of the Central Research Laboratory was made in compliance with all the requirements for research laboratories according to the principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) to ensure and promote safety, consistency and high quality:

· The laboratory has appropriate dimensions, construction and location that meet the requirements and help to minimize violations that could adversely affect the reliability of the results;

· The design of the experimental laboratory provides the appropriate degree of distribution of various activities to ensure the proper conduct of each type of research;

· There is a sufficient number of rooms in the Central Research Lab premises, as well as a separate room for keeping test systems (laboratory animals) for the purpose of their adaptation and culling of substandard individuals;

· The presence of isolated premises for storage of consumables (chemical reagents), classified as hazardous, to ensure their safe storage.

Central Research Lab staff constantly provides practical and methodological assistance to university researchers in performing their doctoral and candidate dissertations. Central Research Lab employees take an active part in the work of scientific and scientific-practical conferences, symposia, etc.

Structural organization of Central Research Lab:

1. Laboratory of experimental modelling.

2. Laboratory of immunological research.

3. Laboratory of biochemical research.

4. Laboratory of histological and electron microscopic examinations.